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Beijing Highline Law Firm was founded in 2007, adhering to the principle of "the permanence of the moon, managing everything". Since its establishment for 16 years, as a comprehensive legal escort, it has been committed to providing first-class legal counsel for commercial organizations, and has long served companies, enterprises, public institutions, and other organizations; Our litigation team contributes to the development of the organization in efficient and accurate litigation resolution. Through big data, case visualization, simulated court, and team cooperation, we strive to solve the complex litigation of enterprises at the best time. While pursuing the best litigation effect, we have achieved stronger, faster, and more accurate, leading the way for the survival and development of the organization!
We use visual tools to convert complex and complicated facts and legal relationships into concise and expressive charts, and clearly show you our legal analysis and problem solving process. At the same time, let you also participate in it and feel how we work together to maximize your interests. In the past 16 years, the accumulated losses of the parties recovered exceeded 2 billion.

16 year

stand together through storm and stress


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Focusing on solving various civil and commercial disputes, we will make unremitting efforts to protect your rights and interests



Success begins with helping others

Mitigate the burden of litigation and mediate first

We advocate to solve disputes through diversified dispute resolution methods, and try to solve disputes through consensus first, with fast speed and low cost.

Full-process visualization service

We use visual tools to convert complex and complicated facts and legal relations into concise and expressive charts, and clearly show you our legal analysis and problem solving process

Litigation process management

We have created a rigorous and efficient "litigation case process management system". Each case will go through 42 steps of standardized process processing. You can understand the process and development trend of the case at any time like the express check.

Professional assessment of litigation risk

Through case difficulty coefficient evaluation and case big data analysis, with the power of technology and the precipitation of experience, it is possible to "quantify the difficulties and risks faced by the case", and provide professional and reliable data support for you to make the next wiser decision.


Solve civil and commercial disputes in an all-round way and strive for the maximum rights and interests of each party

contract dispute

● Mortgage contract disputes
● Transportation contract disputes
● Dispute of guarantee contract
● Construction contract disputes

● Financial contract disputes
● Service contract disputes
● Loan contract disputes
● Lease contract disputes

Company share dispute

● Equity confirmation litigation
● Company dissolution proceedings
● Litigation for the exercise of shareholders' rights

● Damage the company's interests
● Establishment of invalid litigation
● Equity transfer disputes

Marriage and family disputes

● custody disputes
● Disputes over invalidity of marriage
● Property disputes after marriage

● marital property agreement
● Child support disputes

Real right dispute

● Divorce property disputes
● Disputes over building division
● Disputes over the return of original objects
● Common ownership division
● Ownership disputes

● Adjacent disputes
● Eliminate nuisance disputes
● Usufructure disputes
● Co-ownership disputes

Inheritance disputes

● Will execution
● Investigation and evidence collection
● Notarization of succession
● Property inheritance

● Legacy disputes
● Inherited debt
● Wills succession disputes
● Legal succession disputes

Traffic accident disputes

● Drafting legal instruments
● Application for disability identification
● Traffic accident consultation

● Case mediation
● Traffic accidents
● Compensation for

personal injury


Hengli's professional lawyer team is committed to providing better civil and commercial litigation services.

Enterprise Organization Consulting Department
Undertake various types of company establishment, various legal issues involved in the daily operation process of the company, contract risk governance and contract governance, domestic and foreign mergers and acquisitions, reorganization, dissolution and liquidation of the company and other businesses. Clients served or target enterprises involved include: large and medium-sized state-owned enterprises, private enterprises, partnerships, listed companies, joint-stock companies, limited liability companies, foreign enterprises, foreign-invested enterprises, etc
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Financial Market Department
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Civil and Commercial Litigation Department
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Redefine every lawsuit with the interests of the parties as the center



Hengli Civil and Commercial Litigation Team, through big data analysis and visual chart tools, shows you every stage and every link of the case, so that you no longer know nothing about the case


Focus on solving all kinds of major, difficult and complex civil and commercial disputes, and make unremitting efforts to maximize your interests



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>Traffic accident disputes
>Inheritance disputes
>Marriage and family disputes
>Real right dispute
>Company share dispute

>Contract disputes
>Criminal defence
>Intellectual property protection
>Labor disputes
>Intentional injury